11 Million Meter Club

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With this erg piece, I passed the 11 million meter mark since starting to record my workouts in the Concept2 online logbook in May 2001.

Distance: 21,097 m
Time: 1:31:53.5
Avg/500 m: 2:10.6 / 500 m

Total Erg Distance: 11,020,926 m

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Pair of Erg Pieces – 2k and 10k

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Distance: 2,000 m (standard sprint distance)
Time: 7:29.5 (season personal best; 19th place in USA, 40-49 lightweight)
Avg/500 m: 1:52.3 / 500 m

Distance: 10,000 m
Time: 42:56.5
Avg/500 m: 2:08.8 / 500 m
Weights: Reverse curls, standing fly, triceps extension

Total Erg Distance: 10,999,829 m

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Erg Piece – 21,097 m

Distance: 21,097 m (half marathon)
Time: 1:23:56.5 (personal best; 14th place, 40-49 lightweight)
Avg/500 m: 1:59.3 / 500 m
Weights: Dips, crunches, curls, mil press, bench press, leg ext, kettle clean

Total Erg Distance: 10,987,829 m

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