Cycling Statistics for 2011

Number of Rides: 224 Activities
Total Distance: 5,371.70 miles
Total Time: 334:07:44 h:m:s
Elevation Gain: 222,388 ft
Average Speed: 16.1 mph
Average Cadence: 87 rpm
Calories: 322,336 C
Average Distance: 23.98 mi
Median Distance: 25.57 mi
Maximum Distance: 66.13 mi
Maximum Speed: 4,643.9 mph
Maximum Average Speed: 19.9 mph
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Half Marathon Erg Piece

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Workout: 21,097m in 1:24:11.1 at an average pace of 1:59.7 seconds/500m on December 18th. Personal best time.

Challenge: Participating in the Concept2 Holiday Challenge. Current total: 172,679m. Goal is 200,000m by December 24, 2011.

Lifetime Ergometer Total: 10,550,762m. I am one of seven who have logged more than 10,000,000m.

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