APR STock/93 Octane/100 Octane/Security Lockout

Installation: (16,944 miles) Installation was a breeze. I drove from Charleston, WV, to Greensburg, PA, where Josh Volk at Next Level Tuning, used APR’s DirectPort Programming to flash my ECU with a stock-like program, a 93 octane performance program, a 100 octane race fuel performance program, and the Security Lockout Feature (this prevents unauthorized drivers to change between the APR programs). The process took about an hour total – test drive included.

Test Drive and Initial Impressions: WOW!!! This is a fantastic mod! Although I don’t have a boost gauge installed (yet), my butt-sensor can tell that boost initiates earlier, lower-end torque is increased, and the fun-level skyrockets. My mostly Interstate drive back to Charleston was filled with inspiring hills and gratifying passes. Absolutely the best performance gain for the cost that I’ve done so far.

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