Blueflame Cat-Back Exhaust

Installation: (~15,900 miles) Installation is straight forward and took about 2 hours. At the suggestion of adminisTerTurbo, I secured the rear most hangers with small hose clamps. The hanger provided on the exhaust setup does not have any ‘lip’ to keep it from slipping out of the OEM rubber hanger. The driver’s side exhaust tip clamps onto the exhaust pipe as it exits the muffler and Blueflame ships it with a mild steel clamp. I opted to order a fully-stainless clamp from J.C. Whitney to install instead.

Test Drive and Initial Impressions: The Blueflame exhaust sounds wonderful (listen to the sound clips below) and looks so much nicer than the stock setup. It takes some time to burn all of the oil/grease out of the inside of the exhaust and so I recommend that you stop frequently (every ten miles or so) to remove oil from the tips so that it doesn’t burn and cause excessive discoloration. There are no signs of any remaining oil after about 150 miles.

Sound Clips

Long Term Impressions: I acquired and installed a center hanger. It isn’t absolutely necessary, but I had the TT up on jack stands and so it was an easy install. I’ll be more comfortable with the extra support that the center hanger is certain to provide.