VF Engineering Chassis Engine Pendulum Mount

Installation: (14,805 miles) Installation is very simple and took less than 1 hour. As described below, remove the plastic belly pan (secured with numerous T-25 head screws and twist fasteners), remove the OEM chassis engine pendulum mount (13mm and 16mm hex head bolts), position the VF Engineering mount, and finger tighten bolts (6mm and 8mm hex key head bolts). Finally torque to 40 Nm and 24 Nm, button up, and you’re done.

Test Drive #1: Well, once again, there is snow on the ground (about 6 inches from the big Nor’easter), so the test drive will have to wait for a few days. I am expecting to feel an increase in engine vibration, but the mount should reduce wheel hop on hard acceleration. My initial impression, from driving the TT off the ramps, is that engine vibration is noticeable, but not excessive.

Test Drive #2 and Initial Impressions: I finally got a chance to put a few more miles on the TT since installing the pendulum mount.  After reading all of the posts about excessive vibration, I was a bit worried, but not any more. The feel is great; the chassis and engine are more like one and is nicely responsive to throttle input.

AudiWorld Forum: http://forums.audiworld.com/tt/msgs/1454338.phtml

Long Term Impressions:

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