H&R 21 mm Adjustable Rear Sway Bar

Installation: (14,782 miles) The H&R 21 mm Adjustable Rear Sway Bar was a Christmas gift from my father. I ordered it from ECS Tuning on 9 December 2006. Because ECS Tuning has the bar drop shipped from the West Coast, the ensuing mix-up with the purchase order (on ECS or H&R’s part), and the intervening holidays, I didn’t receive the sway bar until the evening of Friday, 13 January 2006 (5 weeks after the initial order). As one might expect, I was very anxious to get this installed. So, bright and early the next day, I completed the installation.

Test Drive and Initial Impressions: Great feel and noticeably stiffer than the stock sway bar. I haven’t had a chance to really push the car, but already it feels like it has reduced the understeer a bit.

AudiWorld Forum: http://forums.audiworld.com/tt/msgs/1423451.phtml

Long Term Impressions: (28 December 2006) No issues with the rear sway bar. I’m anxious to see how things change when I install the Defcon 1+ kit.

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