Dension ice>Link Plus

Installation: UnfortunatelyI didn’t take pictures during this installation. The procedure was rather simple since my TT was pre-wired with  the CD changer harness. The harness terminates behind the compartment located to the rear of the driver’s seat. First, remove the rear seat (lift up – it is attached with clips). Second, fish around (a flashlight is helpful) from the trunk and locate the CD changer harness. You can do this without removing any trim – just be careful not to overstress the plastic. The terminating connector on the CD changer harness is wrapped in a small piece of grey foam and secured with a black nylon cable. Clip the tie and remove the foam to reveal the connector. Third, connect the cables and ice>Link adapter. I created a temporary mount for the iPod cradle using dense foam that slips into the slot in front of the cup holder and behind the brake lever. I just haven’t decided on a more secure permanent mounting location – I really don’t want to spoil the clean lines of the TT’s dash. Maybe if I had a black iPod I wouldn’t be quite so picky.

Evaluation: The Dension ice>Link Plus is a nice iPod interface. No FM-transmitter noise and much more capable than the small 6-disk changer.

Long Term Impressions: (28 December 2006) I’ve upgraded to the iPod 5G and sill like the Dension interface. The cradle is a bit loose on the new iPod, but it works well.

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