Modshack Stage 2 (MOFO)

Installation: (17,952 miles) Installation took about 15 minutes and was exactly as described in the officialModshack install instructions. I decided on the MOFO powder coated in black wrinkle (matches my VTDA) to continue my ‘stealth’ theme.  I continue to be very impressed with the build quality and customer service by Steve Schwing at the Modshack.  My MOFO was custom built and shipped within a week of ordering.  I am certain to go Modshack Stage 3 sometime later this year.

Test Drive and First Impressions: As noted in the installation instructions, the fuel/air maps will take approximately 50 miles to adapt.  So, the first test drive wasn’t terribly spirited.  It is worth noting that no CELs were thrown and the car seemed very comfortable with the new hardware.  A few more conservative miles should permit me to fully appreciate the MOFO soon.

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